Saturday, April 19, 2008


Old picture!

I did some more shopping today. This time for something I really did need: New glasses! I took the picture above not long after I got my current glasses. I still like them, but my eyesight has gotten worse, so new ones were in order!

I chose black ones again, but they seem to have a slight dark purple/pink/red glow. It took a while before I found some I liked. I tried on a blue one that looked fantastic, but even though I'm all for blue these days, it was just a little too blue.

How is your eye sight?

Aside from shopping for glasses I spent the last 2 days working on the shop's website. I got something in my head to make the site better, but it's taking a LOT of time.


  1. I need glasses too! I'm short sighted. Plastic frames are love. I bought ones that are titanium (and gold color to boot) a while back because I've been using plastic all these while. However I guess I still love plastic. I used to have red ones (and they're like upside down). I love it to bits until I accidentally stepped on it and it broke. I hope to find something like that again someday :(

    BTW you look really kawaii! I envy that you can wear red lipstick. I can't. My complexion wont allow it. Hehe :P

  2. too cute too cute too cute! you're so pretty, tizz! :)

    my vision sucks a little, but it's good enough that i don't absolutely have to wear glasses all the time (just when driving, watching a movie, etc.)

  3. Awww, you look so pretty and smart! :)

    I hat getting new glasses, I always get headaches until a week after.

  4. Cute glasses! My eyesight is terrible! Almost blind really. I can't see well enough to find my glasses usually, so I have to remember to put them in the same place every time. :P

  5. I should wear my glasses more often than I do. My eyesight is getting worse...sigh

    You could get away with wearing any glasses & you'd still manage to look cute!

  6. I desperately need a new pair of glasses. I haven't had an eye exam in years and I know my vision has changed. You look absolutely adorable!

  7. Cute! Your glass are just like mine! except mine have a little light pink frosted outline around the inside..

  8. Nice glasses! I am an optician for a living, so I can appreciate them.

    They frame your face nicely. Is the photo your old glasses?

    glasses can be so hard to match up/fit perfectly, like jeans are!

  9. I like plastic framed glasses!! I wish I could wear them!! My eye sight is good...good enough that I don't need any glasses(*-*;). I want one of those vintage looking glasses...

  10. Very nice and the glasses suit you! I've been shortsighted since I was 11, and my specs now is similiar to yours- black plastic, also have a red frame version and a pink tint sunglasses version =P

  11. Love the look. I really like the fact that your necklace matches you lip colour.


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