Sunday, March 9, 2008

Treasury:I Heart Robots!

I love Robots! I have robot sheets and a robot necklace, but I want moooore! Especially Data. Can I have my own personal Data?

My robot love inspired me to make this I Heart Robots treasury.

With the following items and artists:

Tiny Robot With Headphones Plushie by Shuusei
100010101 Is Binary For I Love You by AlwaysAmy
KP Pocket Robox - Key Chain by Kieutiepie
Blue Robot Plexiglass Pendant by Ditybirdd
Pirate Robot Magnet by Chicalookate
Thought Bubble Barrette I Heart Data by Melbell
Little Robots in Love Screen Printed Tote Bag by DogboneArt
Robot Love Pendant by Madison Craft Studio
Myrtle by Tofunutloaf
Robot Ring by Crystal Candy
Sad Robot by Little Brown Byrd
Doreen Box Art Robot Print by John W. Golden

I can't even pick a favourite! Can you?


  1. Those are all adorable, my favorite has to be the plushie robot with the headphones, just something about that face.

  2. Ack, adorable indeed! Great treasury!

  3. Love your 'I heart Robots' treasury! Difficult to pick a fave, but I'm kind of sweet on the Pirate Robot magnet. Although they're all cute!

  4. omg rlly cute robots!! love the one with the love hearts ~ especially the plushie one =)

    gotta tag this in my next blog entry =))

  5. I love robots too!!! My half bath has a robot theme. :)

    There's a Blythe t-shirt dress with robots on it that is super-duper cute. I don't know if he/she will make more, but I'm very much hoping that he/she will!

  6. What a rockin treasury! I love them all!!

  7. EEEEEEEEEEEEK i love it! Robots are awesome!!!!

  8. Thanks for your visit, coincidently i was just about to do a robot post today.
    Cheers Miss Cinti

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