Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Treasury: Blog Roll!

I made a treasury I think will be interesting for you! I included only items from some of my favourite bloggers.

Let me introduce: My Blogroll treasury!

With the following items and artists:

Pink and Black Rick Rack Flower Ring by The Vintage Zoo
Original Water Color Painting Where's Waldo Cupcakes by JessieOleson
Kissing Swallow Birds Necklace by Pulp Sushi
Hair. Fine Art Print by StoopidGerl
Libra Character Traits Black Note/Sketch Book by Decadent Diamond
Puppy Love Black & White by Sew And Sew Crafty
Scrumptious Strawberry And Cream Cake Earrings by Unique Charm
Tea For Two Print by The Black Apple (sold!)
Snaily Pin by Weird Bug Lady
Cotton Dish Cloths/Wash Clothes/Scrubbies by 6060
Mimi Pinkee Bunny Button Badge by Cute Designs
Vintage Girl Fairy Dressed For Bed by Vintage Snaps And Scraps



  1. Thank you for including me!!!!! I must steal this image since I am unable to view treasuries from work. :(

  2. Love it!


  3. love all your goodies!
    i bought that black apple print! i love it!
    emily was on martha today. she's a cutie.

  4. great tresury!

    i love the cupcakes painting :)

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog :o) - and yes! making LP bowls is fun! Your blog is gorgeous, by the way... I've been enjoying having a good look around- will have to come back again and see what you're up to! :o)

  6. wonderful treasury and how nice of you to feature some of your blog friends :) congrats!

    btw your blog is awesome

  7. Great blog - adding you to my blog list and stumbling now!

  8. Neato concept, what a great collection of talent etsiers.(Is etsiers a word...lol...maybe Etsians is what I should use)


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