Friday, March 14, 2008

Scissor Happy

I've had a busy day! I went to Utrecht to get my hair cut at this funky place! My bangs were so long I could barely see, so it was about time. I'm not happy how it looks, but I never am when I come home from the hair dresser. I think this time the cut is fine though, but the amount of wax in it isn't. Iiiieh, it's so greasy, I feel like I haven't washed my hair for weeks! Super gross.

The hair dresser was nice though, although I'm still depressed that the cute one who I wanted my cousin to hook up with left. Then again, he's a male hair dresser, so chances are she'd be too female for him anyway ;)

I love the way the salon looks too (pink and red!). They have a painting on the ceiling, so you have something to watch when your hair is being washed!

Okay, enough hair dresser talk! Crafts & Cuteness time!

When the hair was done I did some bead shopping. There are two fantastic bead shops in Utrecht (Beadies and Pink Pepper), so I bought some fantastic beads to make pendants and earrings. And I went to the craft store to buy random crap of course, but that's a given. I can't wait to create something with the new beads! Maybe I'll have something nice to show tomorrow.

What else have I been up to? I stencilled myself a logo shirt, and took pictures in the mean time to turn it into a tutorial. So keep your eyes on my blog for that!


  1. no it wasn't hard to make sleepy eyes, but another prob is that i used string that is breaking, so it broke :(

  2. Painting on the ceiling? That's such a great idea!!!

  3. hehehe that's a cool hair salon! :)

    and i can't wait to see your tutorial!

  4. Love the colors of that hair salon how fun, I always love my new hair do until i get home and wash it out, then I just look like a dork, Thank Goodness for bandanas.
    xoxo jen


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