Friday, March 7, 2008

Cute Shopping!

Yesterday I mentioned I needed retail therapy. I can safely say I succeeded!

One of my favourite shops has a whole cute monster thing going on, so you can imagine I went a little shopping happy! Let me show you!

These stickers are the most adorable ones I've ever seen. They have beads and hearts floating in them! I bought an extra sheet to turn into magnets!

Monster candle! It smells like strawberries!

Cards and magnets for the magnet board on my new desk! (Pictures of that coming soon, by the way!)

No monsters, but still cute! I love this Russian doll thing! Like I mentioned before, I have a thing for organizing, so our apartment is filled with boxes, tins, drawers,...

Best piggy (monster?) bank ever!

Monster bag, monster note book, cuuuute tissues, pink heart rags for the kitchen, and some fabric of course ;)

And last but definitely not least, this letter set! I have a letter set obsession, I have drawers full of them. Luckily I have lots of penpals too, or else I'd have a serious storage issue!

I paid entirely too much for this set, but look at it! Who can resist a Poo & Pee letterset?

And it came with Poo & Pee stickers too! HEART!

Enough cuteness for today?

Clearly I have no money left now, but last night I suddenly sold 3 necklaces on Etsy! When it rains it pours I guess! What a fantastic day!


  1. Never too much cuteness if it is like this! OMG I love all of the monster stuff!!

  2. i LOVE your monster finds! i need a monster piggy bank, to save my change for monster candles!

  3. made out like a bandit! now I want to shop!

  4. Great blog.Such nice pictures.Interesting and cute presentation of the monsters too.

  5. woww. almost blown away by the cuteness! since when can monsters be cuteee lol . the pee and poo is funny. yet cute ~

    great blog btw, love the pics!

  6. love those monster candles!
    can never have enough cuteness :D

  7. I love the monsters!!! Where did you get them? I want some little monsters (other than the chinchilla lol)! The monster candle is soo freaken awesome! heh & it smells like strawberries

  8. hee hee hee Pee and Poo letter set!! I love it!! LOL!!! Great finds!

  9. i love the pee and poo letter set! that's awesome!

  10. omg, where'd you buy these?


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