Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cute Craftster Of The Week: A Reflection Of Principessa Twinz Studio

This week's cute craftster is A Reflection Of Principessa Twinz Studio by Yura! She only just started her shop last month, but it's already filled with the cutest things!

I'll let these pictures speak for themselves:

Cuuuuuuteness! I almost wish they weren't necklaces, so I clould use all these cute miniatures to take amazing Blythe pictures.

So go check out this awesome shop, and make use of that free shipping Yura offers!


  1. are those re-ment converted into necklaces or did she actually make the molds herself? but they're mecha-kawaii!

  2. Oh, oh, wayyyy too much cuteness right there. Thanks for telling us about her!

  3. omg those cupcakes are SO CUTE!

  4. Good news, Tizz! They are Re-ment, which you can buy for your Blythes. I have the cupcakes. :)


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