Friday, March 21, 2008

Crazy Creating

I've been super busy preparing for my Etsy experiment yesterday. It looks like that creative block I had last night is gone, because I made an insane amount of earrings and necklaces. That lack of earrings in my shop problem will be solved soon too!

I started listing something every few hours. I can't say I see much difference yet though, but maybe it takes a few days? I really think it might just not work this way if you're not in the US, but I guess it's best to test it myself! If worst comes to worst I'll have a very filled shop!

This is why I prefer adding new things over renewing them though. I don't like paying a whole bunch of 20 cents for the same item!

Has anyone else been busy creating? What's the last thing you made?


  1. I worked on card parts yesterday. I have a half dozen or so "almost cards". Great stars, by the way.

  2. the last thing I made were some funky shell earrings only thing is my hands break out when I am stressed so they are too sore to make much right now :(

  3. I'm still working on a candy drawing, and trying to fit some time to start another graphite drawing.

    Hope your experiment has good results! :D

  4. Hi!
    I just bought two things in your shop! I had been eyeing your cute little clips for a while. Now that I have shorter hair I think those little apples will look pretty darn cute! :) Oh and my little Blythe will be happy with a new hairclippy too.
    Thanks! Keep up the great work!!
    Oh, and I'm working on dolls like always. But my craft ADD my kick in soon and I'll need to create something new. Have a great weekend!

  5. oooohhhh... so cute your new things!!!

    i have been busy too! i've been adding lovely details to blazers and such... i'm in a little doily madness right now! ha!

  6. I've been working on possible class-projects! It's both fun and frustrating trying to figure out how much a beginner can do without getting lost.

    I'm so excited over this experiment, I wish there were some sort of stat counter that tells you what views/sales are from re-listing or just regular listing.

  7. Well, last night I made a pair of earrings that I added to the shop today and I also made a ring that I haven't taken pictures of yet. That'll be tonight. I just got an idea for another pair of earrings, maybe I'll work on that tonight. :)

  8. I don't Etsy, so I am no help there! (Sorry!) But that jewelry rocks!

    I *want* to be creative, but I'm into learning to sew right now. And I can't even remember how to thread the bobbin on my old machine. One of these days!

  9. Well I just finished making a Blythe shirt (finally; my doll didn't have any shirts!), but mostly have been drawing as I have an art project to finish, the one with my photographer friend.

    The new jewelry is cute!

  10. I spent yesterday doing a custom order for a crushed hemp/silk scarf.(Outside etsy) It was a delight to do cos it was in lovely turquoise and blue. It was so good working with those colours that I went on and made an evening wrap/stole in the same colours. I'll rinse it and get it dry and have it up in my shop in a couple of days.
    Your jewellery has such a fun feel to it tizz. Keep that creative energy flowing!!!


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