Monday, March 31, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Happy

I was tagged by Milkberry to write 10 things that make me happy! So here we go!

1. My boyfriend.

2. Traveling.
I wish I could do it more!

3. Shopping.
I know, this is baaaad! But I'm a true shopaholic, and retail therapy works.

4. Spring.
The sun makes me happy. I always feel so much better in summer and spring. Last summer wasn't really a summer, with all that bad weather, so now I really desperately need some sun and a nice summer!

5. Mail.
I have lots of penpals and I love receiving mail from them, and sending it too!

6. Blythe dolls.
Another addiction! I wanted to only buy one, but a month later I bought a second one. Whoops? Luckily I have managed to keep myself in control, and didn't buy any more.

7. Relaxi Sundays.
The boyfriend and I always have relaxi day on Sunday. This means walking around in your PJs all day, playing games, watching TV, and ordering food. Ah how I love it.

8. Making pretty things.
I love it when I created something that looks great.

9. My shop!
I am so proud of it. I love the layout, I love it when I make a sale, I love creating new products,...

10. Hanson.
They have been my favourite band forever, and I still get all happy when I hear their music and I get super excited when a new album or tour is coming up. I'm such a teenie sometimes!

I tag everyone who wants to share some happiness!


  1. tizz, i've said it before, but... you are too cute! :D. that animation of you is awesome!

  2. you are too cute! hanson still exists? lol i havent heard about them since i was in the 4th grade

  3. That animation is soooo cute!

    I love lazy sundays, too.

  4. I love spring and summer too. Thats when we get all that beautiful colour from the stronger light! Ever heard of S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder)? It comes from low levels of sunlight over too long a period of time!
    Love your 'happy dance'!

  5. lol love the animated photo*s. I can*t wait for spring. But, its another crappy day in NC.

  6. Awesome things to love!! :) Especially the sun, lazy weekends, boyfriends and SHOPPING!!! :) heehee!

  7. I love the layout of your shop, too...and your blog is beautiful as well :)

    MMmmbop! Heh, that is the only Hanson song I know, and I liked it despite myself. It's so happy, catchy, and upbeat!

  8. omg you still love hanson? hahhaa you're such a cute geek! i'm a geek too. i still like spice girls! woo!

  9. hehe Hanson..cute.

    I LOVE sundays too, we seem to do similar things on that day...except i take my dogs to the park. : )

    Jen Ramos
    '100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

  10. You are too cute! I am a shopaholic as well! I love the miniature foods on that etsy site-wow! BTW, I received the necklace and lovely canvas today and will take pix soon! Thanks!


  11. I love relaxing on a Sunday as well :)

    And I am such a shopoholic! I must go into rehab...:D LOL!


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