Thursday, February 28, 2008

Your Ad Here For Only $0.05!

This blog turned out to be way more popular than I anticipated, so I decided to totally sell out and offer advertisement space. You can buy ad space from me directly by contacting me at, or you can use project wonderful for it, which really is wonderful.

The rates for buying the space directly from me, to get your ads displayed on the right side bar of the blog, are:

$5 for a week
$15 for a month
$25 for 2 months
$40 for 3 months
$75 for 6 months
$120 for a whole year

These ad spaces can be paid for by paypal.

How does Project Wonderful work and how much will that cost? Project wonderful works kind of like an auction. You bid on an advertisement space, and pay only what you wish to pay. Your ad will be up as long as you're the highest bidder. It's as simple as that!

You can add funds to your account at project wonderful through paypal or credit card, or you can earn credit by placing ads on your site or blog yourself.

It seems like a much better way to advertise than Google Adwords! I tried that myself, and didn't benefit at all. You need a huge budget there to have your ads show up in searches. With this system you can at least pick your own spots! I placed some banners on various places myself too, I hope it'll bring me some traffic!

So if you would like your ad shown to over 250 different people a day, e-mail me, click the link under my Project Wonderful spots, or click here to be taken to my Project Wonderful page!

In addition, if anyone else has ad space on their site, I would love to hear about it!


  1. hi tizz,

    thanks for the comment on our blog the other day! i love your blog, and the things in your etsy shop are beautiful! keep up the great work!

  2. Great blog! Thanks for visiting Goddess Findings....I was enchanted with your shop and blog..I shall call you the Goddess of Tizzalicious Pinkness! Will check in again soon!

  3. Great blog, best of luck with advertising. I'm curious about using it on my own blog. :-)

  4. What a fun and lively blog--I love it!

  5. I'm sure you'll benefit from this. I'm also thinking about this for my site but a little more later on down the line.

  6. I'm planning on adding some ad space on my blog, but was unsure how much to charge. It looks like we have similar traffic. How did you decide on your rates? I may just use your same pricing. Let me know if you are interested in advertising on my site.


  7. Yes your blog and shop are severely cute...simply put! I am bidding for a PW on your blog too! Saw you on mine..yeah! Thanks!


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