Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Treasuries & 1000 Visitors!

When I woke up yesterday my blog had around 930 visitors. When I went to bed the counter said 973, and when I woke up this morning I had past the 1000 visitors mark! Where they all came from? No idea. I signed up for the USA Today promo on fuelmyblog. Maybe that got activated? Whatever it is, I like it!

In other news: I finally managed to get a treasury again! I kept meaning to be there when the slot opened all week, but I kept forgetting to check back! I didn't this time though, so you can come check out my "Deep In The Forest" treasury here.

The items and artists I featured this time are:

White Tail Deer Brooch by katebroughton
Amigurumi Mama and Baby Owl Pattern by Pepika
Little Brown Deer Hair Clips by nettiepete
Owl Canvas by stitchella
The Woods Are Lovely, Dark & Deep Tags by Amalia Mae Paper Goods
Centaur In A Field Of Mushrooms Pocket Mirror by Faff Creations
Brown Asian Hooty Wooden Owl Pendant by LiiLii
Grandma Is Waiting Print by HidenSeek
Yearling Necklace by bombalurina
Mr. Peeper On French Blue Polymer Pendant by MissFickleMedia
What Hoot Owl Notes by OhManCreations
Two Trees Hair Clips by nettiepete

I also found myself featured in this lovely apple treasury by Bijoetery! Don't you just love those yellow stars?


  1. woohoo congratulations tizzie! oh btw i'm gonna make my felt plushie project tonight! i'll post on my blog when it's done~

  2. The treasuries are both great; there are so many talented people out there!

  3. Just making friends and saying hi! I really like your blog, so pretty!

  4. that's cool about all the hits!!! i'd never heard of the USA today thing. i just signed up!! thanks for the link. love the treasuries. i LOVE making them. i'm going to have to put you in my next one!!! ;-)

  5. Congrats on passing 1000 :)
    Very nice treasury :)

  6. You have a great blog, I have added you to my list, thanks for adding me

  7. Guess what? I'm tagging you back!

    Just stopped by to say hi and let you know that you've been tagged!

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  8. Your blog is so pretty! I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much for the lovely comment on ours! Jo :)

  9. CONGRATULATIONS on your 1000 visitors...your crafts are darling.

  10. congrats for the 1000 visitors! :)


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