Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tizzie's Tutorials #1: How To Make A Softie

Welcome to Tizzie's Tutorials #1! I added this cute monster to and my Etsy shop today, but I wanted to show you how to make one yourself too!

What you need:

- Fleece fabric
- Embroidery thread
- Sewing thread
- Buttons
- Decorations, like bows or appliques
- Pins
- Needles
- Normal & fabric scissors
- Something soft for the stuffing

Step 1: Draw your pattern. As you can see on my pattern, you don't really need to be a good drawer for this!

Step 2: Cut out your pattern. If you want your softie to be symetric, you might want to only draw one half, then fold your paper in half and cut both halves at the same time.

Step 3: Place 2 pieces of fabric on top of each other, pin the pattern on it, and cut around the pattern.

Step 1, 2 & 3

Step 4: It's time to give your softie a face. Add a mouth with embroidery thread and buttons for eyes...

Step 4

Some people prefer doing this after they put the whole thing together, but I prefer doing it first, do I don't need to worry about where to leave spare threads, they can just stay on the back, as they'll end up inside anyway.

Step 5: Add some more decoration, like an applique on the belly or a bow for a more girly look!

Step 5

Step 6: When you finished adding the face and decoration, it's time to sew the back and front together. Place them on top of each other (with the insides facing each other), and use a blanket stitch. Take a long thread, at least 2.5 times as long as the complete outline of your softie. Make sure you don't stitch it up completely yet, you'll need a hole to add the stuffing! If you don't know how to do a blanket stitch, don't worry, I'll make a tutorial for this in the near future! For now, maybe this site or this video might help you out!

Step 6

Step 7: We're almost done! All we need to do now is add stuffing! Start with the little parts, like the ears, arms and legs. Use something small (like your little finger, the back of a spoon, a pen, anything like that) to get into the small spots.

Step 7

Step 8: Sew up the gap!

Step 9: Show off the cuteness you just created! If all failed, you can always buy one of my creations on or in my Etsy shop of course!

Step 8 & 9


  1. Awww!!! She is SO adorable!! Thanks for the tutorial! My blanket stitching never looks as good as yours does *smiles* I need more practice with that!

  2. omg that is soooo cute! i wish i could make one right away but i'm in a middle of a sewing project :(

    definitely on my to-do list! thanks tizzie!

  3. Oh How cool! Thanks for sharing this. I might just try it. I'm telling you now though, my monster will in no way turn out as cute as yours! Mine will be more like a monstrosity-monster :)

  4. This is adorable and your tutorial is so well done... Can't wait to try this. (I've featured you today on my blog!!)

  5. This is too cute for words. I love the two colors together!

  6. OMW, this cannot possibly be any cuter! Great tutorial, too!


  7. What a cute softie! Thank you for sharing such a great tutorial with us all, I'll give it a go this weekend!

  8. That is so adorable! I love the pink and green together!

  9. wow thanks for the tutorial :)

  10. soooo cute! thanks for sharing your tutorial!

  11. I'm totally going to do this! Thanks, Tizz.

  12. I LOVE this!
    Very much like the step by step pictures with instructions!

  13. yay for the tutorial! maybe i'll try to make one someday soon too. :)

  14. Love your softie and your tutorial is very nice.

    But I think I'd prefer to buy one of yours than make one myself. :-)


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