Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Super Glue = Evil

It turns out that me + superglue = bad combination. First of all, I managed to get the cap glued onto the tube, so there was no way to open it again. Then I opened a new tube, and managed to get the glue all over my hands. No matter how careful I am, this aaalways happens!

So today I took a trip to town to get some rubber gloves to wear next time I use them! And afterwards I couldn't resist going into the craft store and spending all my money of course!


  1. Oh, have you tried e6000? Way smellier, but not nearly as evil. And the smell dissipates after a day or so.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I've never seen that around here, but I'll try to find it!

  3. i agree - superglue can be hazardous!

    great blog!

  4. I was just about to recommend E6000 too, but kellybot's already mentioned it. You can get it at most craft or even hardware stores in the US, but I'm not sure about Europe. It's so much easier to work with. Hope you find some! I don't like super-glue either. :D


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