Saturday, January 19, 2008


Oh how I love Vistaprint! I just ordered 320 address labels/stickers, 10 invitations, 10 folded invitations, 25 business card magnets, 100 postcards and 10 other postcards!

Most of it with my logo, so I can use it for promotion and packaging. They say it's all free, but you do have to pay shipping. All in all it still works out cheap though, I paid €25 for all this together, which is not bad I think.

I also got a referral link. So if you haven't ordered from them before, but you'd like to, please click here, that way you will get 25% discount, and I will earn bonus points which I can use to get discount.


  1. Keep hearing good things about Vistaprint. If I ever get around to organising some printing & choose them, I'll be sure to click on your link. So you get your nice little bonus!

  2. It's really fantastic, I used to only use it for labels and business cards, s this is the first time I'll be getting cards. If they are as great as their other things you really should print some of your illustrations!

  3. Oh I like your address labels. I was thinking about getting some of those myself but I need to have them designed I guess. No photoshop of way for me to make them myself, but yours a fabulous. And I love vistaprint too, they rock :)

  4. do they print their logo on their products? that was my concern about vistaprint....

    Yours look uber-cute!

  5. Amy, thank you! You can also use one of their premade designs, they have some in plain colours, or just with a border, that could go with any style, maybe that's an idea?

    lovemeknot, nope, no logo's, at least not on the things I ordered so far. I think on some items you can choose to have it on there (who would though?), but you always see the result before you order, also the back, even if you chose a blank back or something.

  6. Vista Print is great! I really need to get some business cards for my etsy store.

    I do think on some of the free designs they put their website, but it's been so long since I ordered the cards, I don't remember which ones.

  7. Kallia, some of the free designs are really nice I think! :)


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