Sunday, January 27, 2008


My boyfriend Per and I spent the weekend with his grandparents at the other side of the country. When we came home earlier today I found out I sold a necklace. Then an hour later I got a paypal e-mail saying that someone bought $52.50 worth of things in my shop, and just now someone bought even more! That's 3 buyers in one day, with a total of almost $100!!!! I'm so excited! They all bought through though, so my Etsy store still seems a bit pointless, but a sale is a sale, right?

I also got another wholesale request! That's my second one, so I really need to get things in order soon so I can actually start wholesaling. (I guess that's not a word!)

Things seems to be going well, which makes me less worried about the failed exam, and the fact that I won't be able to have a career as a translator. Business woman it is ;)

Check out the awesome pattern on the skirt I bought on Friday by the way:

I'm so in love with both the pattern and the embroidery! I'd been eyeing the clothes made by Laura Lees at TopShop forever, but I could never afford one. Oh how I love sales!

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