Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Brooches, Necklaces, Earrings and More!

Here they are, the new items for my shop! Most of them are both at Etsy and, but not everything. So if you see something you'd like but it's not at Etsy, just visit my site. Or if you prefer buying through Etsy, I'll list it for you. (I'll have to add $0,20 then though!)

I spent all day doing housework, and adding these to my site. Tomorrow I'll finally have time to do what I wanted to do all week: Make Blythe dresses!


  1. Wow, your stuff is so pretty. Love the colors. Added you as one of my favorite blogs. Great work!

  2. Everything is so adorable! I love all the fruity motifs and all of the pink!

  3. hey cool stuff!! i'm also on etsy, for my drawings.
    DIY is awesome :D

  4. That biscuit looks like real! Yummmy... I cant wait to see you sewing blythe clothes!


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