Friday, January 25, 2008

Exam Results

Today was a bit of an urgh day. I wanted to sew Blythe dresses, but my sewing machine kept screwing up, so I didn't even finish one.

Then an hour ago my mom called, telling me I failed my exam again. This is the fifth time I failed. I think it's time to become a full time crafter and give up becoming a translator all together.


  1. Don't give up. But hey, being a full-time crafter doesn't sound so bad :)
    ps - those poker chip brooches below are very cool!

  2. i wish i could be full time as well even though i like my job day!!hehee

  3. Thank you both for the comments!

    I hope I'll make enough money to make this a living! :D

    Harriet, thanks! :D

  4. Thanks for popping by my blog, it was nice to hear from you. :) You also have some really nice stuff too. :D


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